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We enable crops to use their pigments to talk. Farmers get the power to proactively optimize growth no matter which problems nature throws in the way, like diseases, insect pests, or fertility loss.

Trust What You Can See

Visible natural colors; purple, red, or orange, ‘flare’ to signal specific problems. The clear pigment change can be seen with the naked eye and cameras driving through the field or flying overhead. Farmers can decisively address issues precisely where, exactly when, and only if needed. Acre by acre, plant by plant.


Simply a game-changer for agriculture.

Purple Flare.png


No current seed technology can detect stresses as early or as accurately. This revolutionary approach integrates into a holistic system for sensing and treating hidden issues to increase yields. Economically smart, agronomically smart, sustainably smart.



Insignum biotechnology does not introduce foreign genes, rather rearranges a plant’s native genes to produce their color change. Based on this approach, typical governmental regulations do not apply — significantly reducing the time and cost to deliver this solution to the field.

Demonstrated Results

Our breakthrough technology turns corn purple when pathogens first infect, before the damage is done. Save your yields from devastating disease OR if no disease is present, save costs on unnecessary crop protection.

Our plants have been field tested for two years. Purple appears at the site of infection (see photo) before symptoms can be seen. Every fungal disease that infected the plants triggered a response but no other stress did. With that kind of specificity, no manual diagnosis is required. An automated sense and precision treat system can even take care of the problem for you.

Insignum leaf1.jpg

Every year some people regret not spraying…
I would put this in every hybrid.

— Dave Kraushaar, Illinois Wyffles corn seed dealer

I would recommend this [to soybean farmers] 10/10.

— Jared Glunt, Indiana Beck’s Hybrids seed dealer


Communication — the foundation of all effective relationships. We can now provide a direct voice to our crops. Let us hear from you.

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